If James Naismith were alive today, he would be grilling Kielbasa

and cursing his brackets, just like the rest of us.


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You may not be surprised to discover that we at St. James Day HQ are big fans of labor saving devices.  Sure, we pretend to be productive members of society when our busy NCAA tournament-watching schedule permits, but deep in our hearts, we believe that robots should be doing most work for us. Our template for the future looks a bit like "wall-e," except that nobody seemed to be playing basketball in that movie.
To that end, we recommend the following:


 Soda-Club: Make Fresh, Fizzy Soda at Home in Seconds! No Clean-Upbanner

We use Sodastream to make vast quantities of  soda here at HQ.  You may be wondering how "making our own soda" is a labor saving device, and you may have a point. But the key is this--if we brew our own soda, we do not have to cart around full cans or bottles, and we do not have to recycle or dispose of empties. Which leaves more time for basketball.







page created: 03/20/2014

Photos of James Naismith courtesy of The Naismith Foundation. Used with permission