If James Naismith were alive today, he would be grilling Kielbasa

and cursing his brackets, just like the rest of us.


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St. James Day Activities


In honor of the traditional roots of the tournament, we here at the website continue to denominate the brackets by the compass, rather than by the hosting city. It only makes sense. Would you rather win the "St. Louis Regional" or be crowned "Midwestern Regional Champion of the World?" And if we said "Salem Regional," would you know which part of the bracket we were talking about? Of course you wouldn't. And neither would James Naismith.


It's that time of year again.  That glorious moment when you realize that there, in fact, are sports to watch on TV after the Super Bowl and before Opening Day.  That's right, it's NCAA Tournament Time.  More specifically, it's time to again celebrate...

St. James Day
West Region: This year's festivities (the 13th Annual celebration of St. James Day) will again be in Salem.


Midwest Region:

WHEN:  Friday, March 19.
WHERE:  Emporia, KS

Questions:  visit the official St. James Day website at www.stjamesday.com  




West Regional Festivities, 2013:

Host, Paul Smith, Oregon


Midwestern Regional Festivities, 2013:

Host, Rand Simmons, Kansas




West Regional Festivities, 2012:


West Regional Festivities, 2011:

Host, Paul Smith, Oregon


Midwestern Regional Festivities, 2011:

Host, Rand Simmons, Kansas



West Regional Festivities, 2010:

Host, Paul Smith, Oregon


Midwestern Regional Festivities, 2010:

Host, Rand Simmons, Kansas

The Heston, Augusto, Simmons, Murphy and Hermsen/Mize families celebrated St. James Day 2010 in Kansas.


Southern Regional Festivities, 2010:

Host, Tifani Jefferis, Mississippi


P.S.--for those of you outside of the above designated festivity areas --No, we don't actually expect you to come to travel just to watch basketball.  But, we do expect you to spread the gospel of St. James by either finding a local St. James Day party or holding one of your own (and be sure to send pictures as proof that you actually celebrated).


Midwestern Regional festivities 2009 were celebrated at the McLoughlin McMansion in the Greater Leavenworth, Kansas area. Festivities began at the break of dawn on St. James Day.

West Regional festivities 2009 took place at the home of Paul Smith.


International festivities...

In a sign of the growth in popularity of St. James Day, in 2009, it was celebrated for the first time in a foreign country. Mr. Thummel and Mr. and Mrs. Sanchez enjoyed St. James Day at a London pub. Jolly good, mates.


West Region, March 21, 2008: One Stanley, two Smiths, three Littlejohns and three Agarwals, and four Simmonses.

Midwestern Region, March 21, 2008: Front row, left to right: Scott McLoughlin, Katie Chastain, Mike Chastain, and Adina Sanchez. Back row: Melissa McLoughlin, Todd Thummel, Tracy Million Simmons, Rand Simmons, and Cyprian Sanchez


West Region, March 18, 2005: Front row, left to right: Rives Kistler, cofounders Derek Simmons and Paul Smith, John Wittmayer. Back row, left to right: Patrick Smith, Barry Smith, Scott Stanley, J.D. Cozier, and Colin Benson.


page updated: 3/15/2016

Photos of James Naismith courtesy of The Naismith Foundation. Used with permission